Our expertise in product safety risk assessment, in product safety, individual and social risk, and product safety regulation and regulatory compliance can bring your company, product and brand improved safety and quality recognition.

Our consultancy services can help you to detect and manage product safety risks and hazards.


Risk assessment

Product safety risk assessment

We conduct you through the path of product risk assessment.

We help you to develop a common language and system in product safety, from design to post-market, building product safety criteria, developing your product safety interval and defining the level of product risk of your products

Complaints and claims

Continuous improvement

We record, codify and extract meaningful consumer product safety data available in order to improve your products and reduce your product risk as well as to prevent a product recall in the future.

We assist in building databases to identify potential product owners, e.g., product registration and customer service records

Product Recall

Planning & Execution

It is rare that any two recall programs will ever be identical.

Therefore, companies should be prepared to address issues that invariably arise.

We will help you to conduct a timely, reasonable recall of your product from planning to execution to regulatory authority liaison.

How well a company conducts a product recall can have a strong influence on consumers’ attitude about the firm. Continued consumer support and demand for the firms products is the company reward of a successful product recall.