Evaluaciones del riesgo en producto. Risk Assessment

Product Safety Assessment

We advise you in the risk assessment process of your products.

We help you to develop a common language within your company and to create a safety system for your products, from the design stage of the product to the post-market stage.

We can manage the risk assessment of your products:

  • From your own data.  Once the product is in the market your company might receive claims or face complaints due to the safety of your products.  In that case it is important to perform a risk evaluation of the product in question, taking into account the information gathered from the complaints or the claims. 
    We will even use social networks to:
    • Identify the danger
    • Assess the risk.  Based on the evaluation result we’ll propose corrective measures if necessary
  • In the event that a market inspection and supervision authority takes samples to investigate your product, we help your company understand the administrative process and make decisions about it. We prepare all the necessary documentation and carry out the risk assessment to be able to present your case to the authorities in case it is necessary.
  • Risk assessment before putting the product on the market: we carry out the risk assessment from the point of view of the authorities. We evaluate the risk, taking into account different possible scenarios derived from our experience.

Did you know that….

The risk assessment of products (Risk Assessment) analyzes objectively the level of security of a product and the possibilities of existing injuries by the use of it in different scenarios.

We have our own advanced tools for the calculation of risk assessment.

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