Product Risk Evaluation

Hazard Evaluation

Risk Assessment

Hazard Evaluation

Not all hazards are covered by standards. How do you know if your product is safe?

This tool helps to recognize and identify possible hazards your product may have and evaluate them. It takes you from the identified hazard to the potential harm/injury and checks what you have done to eliminate it or reduce it to an acceptable level. This standard methodology shows you the safety gaps of your products

Risk Evaluation

Expert System Product Safety Risk Evaluation

We develop a common language and system in product safety, from design to post-market, building product safety criteria, developing your product safety interval and defining the level of product risk of your products. You will learn to factor into your product design foreseeable misusescenarios,


Claims & Complaints System Registration and Analysis

We can help you capture consumer data, record, codify and extract meaningful product safety data available in order to improve your products, reduce your product risk and prevent a product recall in the future.  

Building databases to identify potential product hazards, e.g., product registration and customer service records.  

These types of information highlight or provide early notice of safety problems that may become widespread in the future.

Product Safety

We collaborate in the design of safe products

We can assist you in connecting innovative product design with safe products.

Design and product safety criteria should match. We can show you how to work from your product features to detect hazards, building safety and quality into the design process.