Our Services

Expert Team

We are specialist in Product Safety
  • Product safety risk assessment
  • Complaints and claims
  • Product Recall


Knowledge & Education

We share our expertise through our tailor-made courses, helping our clients to run product risk assessments


Apps and Tools

We develop a common language and system in product safety:
  • Expert System Product Safety
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Claims & Complaints System
  • Registration & Analysis
  • Design and product safety

Know us

Product Safety 90%
Procedures & Quality 92%
Customer & products 92%

Product safety has become a goal

  • Have you received a communication fromyour distributor saying that they must withdraw and return your product by order of the Authority?
  • Have you received a communication from Authority stating that your product must be withdrawn from the market?
  • Do you have any doubt about how to manage a product Recall in your country or in foreign countries?