Atención al cliente. Gestión de quejas y reclamaciones

Analyzing complaints and claims


Using the claims and complaints as well as other sources of information available, we help your company to build databases that allow forthe extraction of valuable information for your company.

The proper management of complaints and claims allows us to detect patterns and design errors and to let you know of possible improvements in order to improve the safety of your products even from the design phase, as well as to reduce the possible safety risks of your products in order to preventtherecall of the product from the market.

The economic impact for companies subject to the recall of their product from the market can reach millions, so investing in product-safety policies is the best way to avoid or reduce the impact of the recalls of the products that were manufactured with safety deficiencies, according to the different applicable regulations.

We collaborate in developing databases for identifying potential users as well asfor gathering and maintaining product registration or customer service data.
The complaints and/ or claims of the consumers can help detect possible defects and safety problems of their products.

Proper management of claims can help manufacture safer products.

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